lado B n.º 73

Abandoned Pools – start over (humanistic)
Joseph Arthur – history (come to where i’m from)
Joseph Arthur – devil’s broom (our shadows will remain)
Artic Monkeys – dancing shoes (beneath the boardwalk)
Baumer – perfect day (come on, feel it)
Apollo Sunshine – magnolia (apollo sunshine)
Coltrane Motion – supersexy ‘67 (no well ok just a little) [EP]
Columbus – free girl (columbus) [EP]
Bishop Allen – vain (february) [EP]
Halfway – patience back (farewell to the fainthearted)
Clayhill – rushes of blond (small circle)
Duncan Sheik – the dawns request (white limousine)
Clearlake – amber (amber)
Califone – michigan girls (quicksand/cradlesnakes)
Further Seems Forever – for all we know (hide nothing)

[primeira emissão em formato podcast]

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